Case Study Library

The case studies listed here are based on real client examples. Of course, the firms, industries and personal names have been changed to maintain confidentiality. Yet the underlying business and management principles remain. We hope you will find them useful idea generators for your own situation. Click on the buttons below to read the case studies, and see the solutions.

The Management Issue Case Study Title Read the Case Solve It
Can You Profit When a Great New Staff Member Acts Unexpectedly? Pool Shop Inc.
Generations clash over innovation in the family business Tarryman Machinery
Price complaints, a rent rise, and a shift in shopping habits. The Roaring Forties
Cash is short in a growing and profitable company Coolstar Refrigeration
What happens when a big,new, and successful shopping centre opens nearby? CSD Design
Success and strong growth has stalled, and a major customer is lost. Jazweld Fabrications
A business runs down because the profit evaporates when pricing is not done very carefully. Kanmantoo Kovers
A promising new opportunity turns bad when proper advertising programs do not support the central business decision. Fiona's Fabrics