Small Business at Work

Our Consulting Programs

For SME's, Corporates, and Government Agencies

  • Strategic research and planning.
  • Market research
  • Setting up your marketing
  • Branding and advertising
  • Pricing analysis and profit improvement
  • Recruitment assistance
  • HR support

My Red Zebra Commercial & Marketing Management:

  • Exclusively for SME's
  • Created on the back of all the experience since 1985
  • Gives unparalleled insights, helping all SME's to build better management

Highly Effective Marketing:

  • Dedicated Marketing & Micro-Marketing Support
  • For SME's needing extra marketing power to drive increased market share

On-Line Sales Portals:

  • Building an on-line sales portal to integrate into your retail operation
  • For expereinced retailers looking to get into "the new retail", but don't know how
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