Small Business at Work

Some Results Highlights


Manufacturer 1:

  • Became the fastest growing in Australia,
  • At the same time meeting ambitious profit targets, and
  • Became the most competitive in both its premium and economy markets.

Manufacturer 2:

  • Turned a million dollar loss into a million dollar profit in just three years.


Retail results for responsive clients include:

  • People who saw their operating profit double
  • A retailer saw a profit increase of $35,000 through our pricing strategies
  • One pool shop increased retail trading profit enough to offset cessation of pool construction - in just one year!
  • Several have seen sliding retail sales turn the corner, and begin growing
  • We saved three retailers from bankruptcy during the GFC

Since beginning our work with pool shops in 1997, we have talked with, or worked in depth with, more than a hundred pool shops. Those who embrace our programs have seen increases in sales, profit, and market share. They have built a healthier reputation in their market, too.

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